About Us

C21 magazine was launched in 2008 by the Editor, Fiona North. It's the UK's first mainstream cancer publication and is quite unique in terms of the literature available to cancer patients and their families, as well as being of interest to healthcare professionals.
Over the past four years the magazine has gone from strength to strength; each quarter 50,000 hard copies are distributed via NHS hospitals, private hospitals and clinics, support groups, hospices, drop-in centres and Macmillan information centres.
We are working with the Royal Colleges and most of the relevant associations, including BASO, UKONS, BAPRAS, World Wide Palliative Care Alliance and Help the Hospices, as well as the cancer networks. 
The most remarkable aspect of C21 is that it brings together in one place expert knowledge, emotional support and news relating to cancer, making it that much easier for people to access information and reassurance.
Unlike the national press the articles are not sensationalist or misleading in any way, and because it is an independent magazine C21 is committed to talking about cancer without pushing any kind of agenda. The primary concern is always to report issues in the most balanced and informative way possible. 
Meanwhile the sections on psychology, childhood cancer, fertility treatment, reconstructive surgery, legal advice, palliative care and more, means that every possible aspect of dealing with cancer is covered.  
C21's mission is to help drive forward positive changes in our understanding and treatment of cancer, by creating a leading source of opinion and debate in a field of medicine which touches millions of us, and which cannot afford to be misunderstood or misrepresented.