Case Studies

When Steph Wadding had to face treatment for bone cancer, she found an unusual way of coping. Now she's written a book to pass on what she learned..."Through humour, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers, and once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it."Bill Cosby, Comedian.
debbie chazen
In the second part of her moving and painfully funny memoir chronicling her battle with breast cancer, the comedy actress Debbie Chazen is determined to face things head on.
antioxidants 2
Brocolli Juice; cranberry juice; pomegranate juice; you name it, if we're told it contains antioxidants we'll drink it by the bucket load. But are antioxidants really a free-radical-busting medicinal wonder, or just a moneymaking myth? The Editor, Fiona North, decided it was time to investigate.
Radiology and radiotherapy have revolutionised both diagnosis and treatment of many different illnesses. Here, Prof Adrian Thomas explains how over the past century, the study of invisible rays has lead to state-of-the-art equipment that can detect and cure cancer.
In June 2001 Louise was called for a routine, age-related mammogram. The results of her left breast were unclear, so she was recalled for a further scan. Fortunately, she got the all clear until they decided to re-check her right breast.
Bob was just 45 years old, and a burly Detective Constable in the police force when he discovered fluid leaking from his right nipple. At the time he wasnt too concerned. Later however, he would be shocked to discover that breast cancer can affect men, as well as women.
Continuing Sharon Morrison's journey with cancer. After she went through the trauma of telling her three young children, here, her daughter Jenny, now 16, looks back on what it felt like from a 10-year-old's point of view...
The latest egg-freezing technology offers young women facing chemotherapy the chance of children.