Health & Prevention

It wasn't so long ago that smoking was not only socially acceptable, it was even considered 'cool'. Now attitudes have changed, but what actually happens when you smoke and why are cigarettes so closely linked to cancer?
It's quick, it's painless, its free and it could save your life. Yet 30 per cent of eligible women in the UK do not have regular cervical screening. Dont go the sad way of Jade Goody, go and get your routine smear test says UCLH Director for Womens Health, Mr Tim Mould
No-one yet knows all the answers to how we prevent cancer, and often it strikes despite having followed all the available advice. But we do now have a good idea about some of the main risk factors. In 2007, the World Cancer Research Fund published the most comprehensive report ever produced on the links between lifestyle and the risks of cancer. Based on an initial global sweep of half a million studies, using rigorous criteria, and analysed by 21 of the world's leading scientists, these are their 'Recommendations for Cancer Prevention'.